Fun and sport

Staying at the seaside is fun!

When you're on holiday, you can have a rest.
You have more free time for yourself, to do what you like to and to start doing what you've always dreamt doing but you couldn't because...

In Diano Marina you can!
There are discos, a cinema, and a bowling club (the biggest amusement park of the Riviera). And then you can practise many sports: tennis, bowls, football, miniature golf, windsurf, and yachting.

KARMA  Via Mortula 2 – Diano Marina
POP VINTAGE   Via Seassari Ughi 2 – Diano San Pietro
SKIPPER CAFE’  Via XX Settembre 29 – Diano Marina
TEMPIO DI VINO Roma 128 – Diano Marina
PANTAREI  Vico del Fico – Diano Marina
IL SOLITO POSTO  Via Milano – Diano Marina
BAR 900 Roma 150 – Diano Marina
EXCALIBUR PUB  Via Cairoli 11 – Diano Marina
BOWLING Piscina e scivoli  Via Diano San Pietro – Diano Marina
BOCCE + TENNIS + CALCIO  Località Prato Fiorito – Diano Marina  
WIND SURF + SAILING c/o CLUB del MARE   Viale Torino – Diano Marina
WIND SURF  Località Ponterosso – Diano Marina
BIKE  Ciclabile della Riviera dei fiori > inizio San Lorenzo al Mare